Software Craftsmanship
North America

New York City

April 19th, 2018

A thought-provoking retreat for people who are not afraid to question, to evolve, and who constantly seek to grow their craft and the team of people around them.


SCNA is a software conference for anyone looking to improve their craft, their community, and themselves.

SCNA is a one-day conference that brings together current and aspiring software developers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, development managers, and technology professionals who are interested in improving their craft, their community, and themselves. We'd love to have you, no matter how broad your interests and experiences are.

Previous Talks

Where Does a Traditional Education Fit?

Eric Smith

I'm a coder: A story about real world software development

Bryan Liles

Strategies For Working With Legacy Code

Rachel Davies

JavaScript Is Too Convenient

Sam Jones

How to Predict the Apocalypse

Joe Leo

Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky

Is your team built to be effective?

Mona Soni

Scaling Collective Code Ownership and Code Review in LinkedIn’s Flagship Product Engineering Team

Nikolai Avteniev

Quantum Computing

Federico Spedalieri

Teal Organization in Development (or is it Production)

Amanda Laucher

Panel Discussion

Woody Zuill, Nolan Patterson, Amanda Laucher, Ken Auer

Is the best software written alone?

Elizabeth Engelman

System Architecture as Network Data

Bobby Norton

Computational Thinking

Sarah Aslanifar

Mob Programming: A Whole Team Approach

Woody Zuill

Software Craftsmanship and the Safety Critical World

Philip Markgraf


Michael Feathers

Learning as a Team

Audrey Troutt

Reviving a Community with Code

John Graham & Amanda Laucher

Panel Discussion

Amanda Laucher, Ray Hightower, Michael Feathers, & Uncle Bob

Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm

Carina Zona

Exploring Parallelism With Parallella and Raspberry Pi

Ray Hightower

How to Scratch an Itch

Justin Searls

How to make your software live forever

Christin Gorman

What if I suck? Confessions of a WTF contributor

Iris Classon

Inspecting Variables

Enrique Comba Riepenhausen

Factory, Workshop, Stage

Sarah Mei

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8th Light is an agile software consultancy with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and New York City. We are passionate about building productive long-term partnerships with our clients, our employees, and the software community.

Our team of multi-disciplined software crafters and designers are experts in applying the principles and practices of software craftsmanship in all different languages and frameworks. We craft beautiful applications for your web, mobile, and embedded projects. 8th Light also offers apprenticeships to push the limits of your knowledge in software development.

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