Talk Night at Carbon Five LA

On Proposing Your First Conference Talk

Carina Zona

Giving conference talks is a game changer. Speaking can propel a career forward, expand your network considerably, and lead to wonderfully surprising opportunities. Come learn about how to get started, and get some practical skills for doing your first proposal how to find relevant opportunities, dissecting Calls For Proposals, evaluating their for fit with you, questions it's cool to ask organizers, the darned fair expectations to hold, brainstorming a topic, and writing abstracts!

Carina C. Zona is a developer, advocate, and certified sex educator. She spends a lot of time thinking about the unexpected cultural effects of our decisions as programmers. Carina is the founder of CallbackWomen, a developer evangelist for Ruby Together, and co-organizer of the We So Crafty community of techies who craft.

Day of Code (Sold Out)

Day of Code is now sold out. If you are still interested in attending, you can purchase a Conference + Code Retreat (Wait List) ticket and we'll reach out to you if spots become available.

Following the conference, join us on Saturday morning for a Day of Code!

Bring your computer and your brain—we've got the rest covered! Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

There's a chance we will add more events to the Day of Code before October 22nd, but the day will consistent of at least three different events:

  • Code Retreat

  • Join us for a full day of hands-on coding practice to improve your craft. Starting with Conway's Game of Life, we iterate through the day with different code challenges, and discuss our practices along the way.

  • What to expect() when you're expect()ing

  • Improve your sense of test smells with this three-hour group workshop hosted by Test Double!

  • Open Source Collaboration

  • Contribute to open source. Join us to find great open source projects and get started contributing. Hosted by FullstackLA meetup group.

Select the option to reserve a spot for Saturday's Code Retreat when purchasing your ticket, and you can choose which event you'd like to attend when you arrive Saturday morning!

Full day code retreat. Bring your computer and your brain, we have the rest covered